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[10 May 2006|10:45pm]
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I was a young boy that had big plans... [12 Mar 2005|08:02pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Thank FUCK!! I just finished my fucking Religious Education assignment that’s due Monday. It was a fucking baaaaaastard. Seven pages on why I want to go to Peru and be assonated like Irene McCormack, or get knocked up multiple times like Dorothy Day. Yay. Now I can go toddle off to streak my hair purple :D


Oh yeah, gig tomorrow. Green Day, Grinspoon, Simple Plan, Shihad, Scribe, Frenzal Rhomb and The Spazzys!!!!! Woooooohoooo!!! Im going with San Gee, and most likely meeting up with Chloe and her little brother and his friend. :D Very exited!!


In other news: Kaitlin Hall is a fucking fuckwit. She just doesn't lean. At all.

In the words of Emmy


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[22 Feb 2005|06:48pm]

On Saturday night, one of my idols shot himself dead...


R.I.P HST...Long live gonzo journalism

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Hang each night in Rapture [22 Feb 2005|11:58am]
[ mood | amused ]

Hmm…well, I appear to have not updated some important information. That info being that Poo and I ditched our Year 12 Ball (yes, that important thing, that oh-so-many American high school movies revolve around) on Saturday for a concert. But not just any concert, oh no. The Doors of the 21st Century concert. And Blondie. And David Byrne, Jimmy Barnes and Michael Franti and Spearhead. Eg: Oldies Day Out. And we still go to go to the big afters, and naturally, that where everything funny/worth talking about happens, so it was all good.

Anyway, we arrived at the concert for about the last 3 songs of Spearhead, which was cool, cause even though we missed one of his good songs, we still got to see them play Sometimes. Plus, the bassist did this really cool solo (damn bastard), and the guitarist used a Heineken bottle as a slide, ha,ha.
About 40 mins after Spearhead finished, Barnsey came on, and I swear to God, I have never seen so many bogans flock as fast as they did then. It was actually quite scary. But then again, Barnsey was scarier. I thought a veins would pop. He sings like Cartman. And he goes bright red. Damn bogans and their flannie shirts. But Khe San was pretty cool. Although still bogany. And nobody likes a bogan.
When he finished, all the bogans flocked back to their seats, to get out their stubbies from their eskies, and David Byrne, from the Talking Heads came on. He was decent, but tiresome. A few of his songs were good, like the encore where he did Lazy (never knew he sung that song) and a few of the old Talking Heads songs, but he seemed kinda sluggish when he was talking to the audience.
As soon as he finished, Poo and I flocked down to the stage, to get good spot for Blondie. Which we did, cause all the old people get tired out easily, and have to have breaks in between bands, so they all left the concert area, leaving a great amount of space for us young-uns to flock to. We were in the second row, right at the front, a little off to one side, with only one annoying guy infront of us, who had a melon-head and an ass that kept being poked out at Emmy, and a girlfriend which he kept making out with. PEOPLE!!! Making out and smoking in crowds is not cool!!!! But still Blondie rocked my socks off. The drummer seriously has not changed a bit, there was an old brooding guitarist that Emmys in love with, and made me take many, many photos of, the keyboardist cracked us up with his lovely dancing and mini keyboard, the bassist had a mullet like Nikki Sixx (only not as impressive), Debbie Harry still has a hell punk-goddess attitude, and the other guitarist…was just there. I quite enjoyed them even though their all getting on a bit, and they did a lot of good songs, and Call Me and Heart of Glass rocked!! I’m glad I got to see them, cause last time they came out, my sister and dad forgot to invite me!! *glares*
Then, it was time for The Doors. Goddamn those mofo’s take their time!! But in that time, two people forced me to take their email addresses, ha,ha, so I could send them the pics I took (oooh, mama, the pics are sooo good!!!). Then the creepy music set in, and then the voice over comes in and says "Ladies and Gentlemen, from Los Angeles, California....THE DOORS!!!" and then the guitar for Roadhouse Blues kicks in, and Ian Astbury starts singing, and its alllll goooooooooood!!!! And hooooooot!! Sooo hot. Mmmm, Ian Astbury….He looked exactly like Jim Morrison, and sounded like him too, it was scary, I had to keep reminding myself the Jim wasn’t actually alive anymore, ha,ha. After Roadhouse Blues, they did Break On Through, and then oh God, so goooood!!! It was also the keyboardist birthday, so the audience all sang happy birthday to him, and he blew out the candles on his cake that was brought out (which I filmed :D)
Oh, hahahahahaaaaaa, funniest shit ever!!! During the first few songs, we’d somehow slid over, so we were even more centred, and we only had the people in the barrier in front of us, like for Blondie, but these people were SHORT!!!! Wooohooo for short people in crowds!!!! So we had a PERFECT FUCKING VIEW!!!! Like, we couldn’t have gotten any better positioning!!!! (When I upload some of the 200 photos I took, you’ll see what I mean…Sooooo good). Anyway, during a song called Spanish Caravan, which starts of with this trippy guitar part, where the guitarist, Robbie, wanders around, and its all dark and atmospheric, this blonde chick is hella pushing into Emmy, which in turn, is pushing me. I look at Emmy, and see that this chick is asking Emmy “Do you know this song??” and Emmy’s answers “No” then asks us “Are you Doors fans?” and we both answer “Yes” and she kinda mumbles “Then you should know this song” in a hell bad-attitude kinda voice. We were both like, whatever, dude, this guitar is awesome, and ignored her. Then (and this is what I’ve gathered from Emmy, who was next to her) she leans over to the guy in front of Emmy, who’s on the barrier, and starts annoying him by asking if he’s a Doors fan. Now, I was watching this guy earlier in the concert, and he was singing every word, and he replies something like “Yeah, but my girlfriend likes them more”. So then the psycho chick chucks a crap and starts getting shitty and says crap like “Why aren’t you singing and dancing?” and the guys like “I’m just listening”, and then psycho says something like "Well seeing as you're not as big of a Doors fan as me you should move to the back and let me go in front of you". The poor guy was kinda like, “Errrr, well, no. First come, first served”, so then the psycho chick grabs the guys girlfriend, who was in front of me, and starts giving this chick shit, saying that her boyfriend is a motherfucker, and doesn’t even like The Doors, (and this is where I tuned in again) and starts getting really pushy and annoying. At first the girl is kinda like Whatever, but the psycho was really annoying, so the chick turns around, and tells the psycho to shut up before she punches her. Then they start bitching hella bad, and then everyone’s trying to settle them down a bit, and then Emmy goes, “Man if you were a real Doors fan you would be up the front already, not rocking up halfway through and trying to push your way in”, and everyone agrees. Except psycho, who goes psycho, and starts attacking the other chick. Like, there scratching each other, and strangling each other, and both the chicks boyfriend and Emmy try to separate them, earning Emmy a lovely scratch (damn psycho) and then finally this huge dude just pushes himself in between them, and the psycho disappears for awhile, so we could all continue enjoying the concert. Did I mention that the concert was soooooo goooooood?? Well, it was. For the encore, they played Light My Fire, which was fucken awesome, and their was a keyboard solo (where my camera died, damnit!) and then a guitar solo, then it ended, and they all stood together for their bow (balls to my camera!!!) and then it was all over. And then as the promoter was getting the crowd to cheer for everyone that had played during the day, random psycho popped up again, and was all crazed, and started attack the chick again, and so Emmy started a chant, pointing and droning “Psycho, psycho, psycho”, and a whole bunch of people joined in, and the Psycho tried retaliating, but failed, and then she shrunk off. Hahahaha, so immature, but hey, she was a psychopath!!
Then Emmy’s mummy picked us up and we went home to Emmy’s, and chilled for a bit, then Emmy’s mummy took us over to Tara’s, which was rather enjoyable. I swear to God, everyone in year 12 knew we went to a concert, the amount of people coming up to us that we just don’t talk to asking us “Did you have fun at the concert” “Yes” “Oh cool!! Who’d you go see again??” “The Doors” ”Oh…right….*scamper off*”…Dear God. Umm, what else, Cathy got PLASTERED (then, the next day said “Yeah, I think I was pretty good at Taras”) and cried, apparently because of starving children in Ethiopia. Stupid fucktard. I almost killed Abber (another stupid fucktard, some of the time), for talking absolute bullshit about depression, and took it out on first my overly strong JB and Coke, and them Emmy’s. Helen got drunk, which was funny as all hell, and swore and cut sick at a few people, and was really sad too, cause she was saying that she loved someone (who turned out to be Brian, and to an extent, Harry, who has a gf) but that he didn’t like her, cause she was a crap guitar player, and she was talentless, and all this crap that was so untrue, so Emmy and I comforted her for awhile. Then Jordan stumbled over, and as we were standing their discussing why he was wasted, some fucktarded guys walk past and slapped him on the ass, and called him a gay, among other things. So Jordan got kinda upset, Then Emmy came out with the greatest quote of the night “Don’t worry man, those guys are just fags….Oh shit” Jordan:”*strikes outrageous pose* LIKE ME!!!”…It was silent for a few seconds, then we all died of laughter. Awwww, *hugsjordan* So we were just standing ‘roud, and I had my arms around Jordan, when the Fucktarded guys come back, and start humping Jordan, laughing and shit, which is one of the sickest things I’ve ever seen done to one of my friends. So I hit one of them over the head. Very hard. The look on this guys face is priceless, and Emmy and I start yelling at them, and they scamper away. Ha,ha, then Jordan said that that was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for him. So Jordan and I just stood there for about 15 mins talking and hugging, and I was trying to comfort him as well. Damn drunkards looking for comforting. Anyway, it was time to go, so we said our goodbyes, made sure Helen was alright, and left. (I stole two more house numbers/letters on the way home. (when I drink a little, I tend to do that *blushes*) I feel kinda bad now, and even though I don’t particularly want to, I probably should return them…cause I think one of the owners of the house tracked me down to Emmy’s house….Or maybe I’m just paranoid…Thank god Emmy’s muzzas in Albany till next week…)
Anyway, as we were laying in bed, discussing the night, we got on to the topic of Abber and his assish views on depression (he basically said that as soon as you figure out why your depressed, you can fix it straight away, and that basically, depression was a black and white thing. Oh, and that if your depressed, long periods of happiness are better that shorter ones. Like ass they are. It just means the fall is a lot harder, if that makes sense. Drunk people shouldn’t talk about depression. Ass. He also said that listening to The Wall by Pink Floyd will make you want to kill yourself, ahahaha, aaaaass.), and I basically broke down while we were talking about it, cause I was so frustrated, and I finally told someone, being Emmy, that I do have manic depression, and that I do tend to cut myself a lot when I’m in a bad patch, and that I’ve been really bad this way since year 8. So it feels good to finally have told one of my friends, because it means that I have someone to talk to now. So thankyou Emmy for listening, and understanding, and for being there and not judging me. And I’m sorry, for telling you, cause even though you said it wasn’t a burden, I’m still gonna feel that it’s going to be for you, but I’m also sorry that I didn’t tell you earlier, because you’ve been one of my closest friends for years, and to keep something like that from you isn’t cool. So if you have anything you want to ask me about it, do, cause its not gonna upset me or anything, and its something, as my friend, that you need to know, and that you should know too…
Anyway, the next day we went to the city to get some of the photos printed. Holy mother of god. So goooood.

Oh yeah, and on Friday, we went of one of those lovely Christian retreats we get every year. And one of my new Anti-Flag badges came off my bag. So now the Christians have my Anti-Flag badge!!!! I’ll kill ‘em!!!!!

Yeah, anyway, so all in all, a good week. Went to two of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. Had fun. Now I’ve just gotta survive this week :|

(Oh shit. I only just realised how long this update was…Sorry!!!)

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[17 Feb 2005|10:17pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Its the final countdown!!...No, it's just a quz, actuallyCollapse )

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WERE GONNA START THIS OFF WITH 4 WORDS!!!!!!!** [17 Feb 2005|07:10pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Woop!! First LJ entry is a gig entry!!!

So, yesterday, I went to a concert. A very, very good concert. The best fucking concert I’ve ever been too!!!! \m/ Soooooofuuuuuucckkinnggggaaawesooooooommmeee. With a lovely friend of mine called Jenny Talia.

(Oh yeah, apologies in advance for my overuse of brackets. I just can’t seem to help myself.)

So, after Jenny Talia went to BDO two weeks ago, Jenny Talia decided that she liked going to concerts a lot. And that she also liked punk music. Which suited me just fine, consider I’ve been searching for someone to go to the Anti-Flag concert with me, now that George has disappeared off to Kalgoorlie again. And last Tuesday, I mentioned to Jenny Talia that I wanted to go to a concert today, but if she came, shed most likely get bruised, and look kinda purple for the Year 12 Ball/Prom/Grad/the-important-dance-in-final-year on Saturday (Which,  btw, Mad_Eye_Emmy, my lovely friend, and I are not going to…Instead, we’re going to a concert :D more on that later) so it was probably not a great idea that she goes. Jen thinks about this for a second, then tells me that yes, she really, really, really would like to go, if I’m going to go. So I found me a gig buddy!!!

Anyway, cause it started at 4:30, and it was in the city, we had to catch the bus straight after school to my mums work in East Perth to drop off our bags, then go to the concert, hopefully not arriving too late (but we weren’t to concerned if we were late, there was two opening bands, a shitty local pop-punk band that we missed, and The Lawrence Arms (which Jen loved!!), an awesome band from Chicago, that we arrived just in time for their first song :D). So we had to get changed/make-upped on the bus. We seemed to entertain the whole bus…And I think I really scared a bunch of little year 8’s. Meh.

Anyway, so after we got into the city, we were running about outside the Monkey Bar, trying to figure out how the hell to get into The Amplifier, when these two eee gay guys come up to ask and ask us what the hell is happening, with all the mowhawks and studs, and we explain that there’s a punk show maaaan!!! And then they were so nice, and they told us exactly how to get in to the amplifier *hugsrandomguys*

The Amplifiers such a gooood venue, its got a bar at the back (which served free glasses of cold water and ice all afternoon *hugsbarstaff*) and huge fans mounted on the ceiling at the back, aiming at the mosh, and half of one of the walls is missing, leading out to a courtyard that has couches, where you can still see the band if your sitting in the far corner, and its pretty small, but without being cramped. All lovely and breezy :D Like the feeling you get when you forget to put on underwear…

Anyway, at about 5:30ish Anti-Flag came on, and they were fucking brilliant!!! Everything about the gig was perfect!!! I mean everything!! The crowd were brilliant, there were only about 200 people max making a mosh, but it was an excellent mosh, the best one I’ve ever been in, where it was a times totally still in the breakdowns of songs, or when Chris #2 or Justin were talking, other times where <i>everyone</i> was jumping in union, or everyone punching the air with their fists/clapping in time to the music, and other times where it was like one big slam circle, only not really a circle, but everyone was just running into each other. But not in a violent way. In a “wooohoooo!!!” kinda way. Yeah.  And when people crowd surfed, they actually stayed up, not stacked it on the ground cause there was a gap in the crowd. :D Strangely enough, there were only 3 other girls in the mosh. And the stage was really small, without any barriers, so that freakin’ ruled. But it was unbelievable how considerate everyone was. Like, no one was violently thrashing around, everyone was always smiling, and if someone wanted out of the mosh, which it was really easy for them to get out. I’ve never seen, or could have expected anything like it, especially at a (proper) punk show.

And Jen handled herself really well too!! I was kind of like “Aww, crap, I’m gonna have to look after her for some of the “When this song kicks in, I want everyone to run around like they don’t give a fuck” songs, but she was thrashing around with the best of them!! Ha,ha, like she said “If you cant beat ‘em, join ‘em”! About ¾ of the way through, we were kinda getting separated a little, and holding hands wasn’t really working, so Jen ended up putting her arm around my waist, and I had my arm on her shoulder, and we stayed like that for the rest of the gig, moshing and such in union. Very fucking fun.

And Anti-Flag are such a good band to see live!! I think the fact that it was such a small venue, with a small crowd too, but it didn’t feel like they were the band, and we were the audience, it was like (and this sounds weird) we were equals. They kept leaning right out to the crowd, singing with people from the audience, talking to us all, and when people shouted out things in the breaks, they replied (“Hey, were not a fucking jukebox!” ha,ha), and someone from the crowd threw them a flyer that was advertising a protest outside a bank in the city, and they told everyone about that for awhile, then someone shouted that there was another one sometime, and they were talking with members of the crowd. It was like, beyond audience interaction, they (and when I say they, I really only mean Justin and Chris #2, cause the lead guitarist and drummer don’t talk, ha,ha) were basically part of the audience. It was amazing. And when they were done, they all leaned out in the crowd, and for about 5 minuets shook peoples hands and crap. Very, very cool. The whole unity of the entire show was just overwhelming.  Best. Gig. Ever.

Before we walked out we went to the bar and skulled a few glasses of water, and then, as we walked out of the building and into the courtyard, I freaked out, cause sitting on a stool, talking to 3 guys Jen and I had been hanging out with before, was Pat, the drummer!! He was in a conversation with the guys, so I didn’t want to interrupt, but from what I heard, he seemed like a really nice guy, really caring about the fans. So I just shot him the biggest grin, and he grinned back and gave me a wave!! :D Woop!!

Then I spent $45 at the merch booth, ha,ha. I got a coooooool girly Tee, a patch, 2 stickers and 2 badges. I’m such a band merch bitch. Oh well, it was cheap!!



(And now, a day later, I still can’t hear properly, I’ve half lost my voice, my arms are dead from punching the air with my fist, and my head is still ringing. Signs of a fucking goooood concert!!!)




(**And 4 words they did <3 A-F)

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